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The 2013 Global Teacher Status Index

Sunday 6 October, 2013

"We believe that if the teaching profession is to attract the world’s best and brightest, it must have a high social status.." Vikas Pota, Chief Executive, Varkey GEMS Foundation

The Global Teacher Status Index 2013 is the first comprehensive listing of the status of teachers across the world. Populus carried out an in-depth opinion poll in 21 countries, to learn more about attitudes around the world as to how education is valued within a country, spanning issues such as teacher's salaries to how highly a country rates it's education system. Global Teacher Index is the first study of it's kind into teacher status comparison on an international scale.

Vikas Pota , Chief Executive of Varkey GEMS Foundation, recently wrote to Cherie Blair , who herself is patron of The Asian University for Women outlining his worries as to the inferior status awarded to the teaching profession in many of the world's countries, emphasising how this will impact on global, educational standards. Vikas wrote:

"Teachers deserve to be respected. Sadly, in many countries teachers are more likely to be compared to librarians and social workers rather than the highest-status professions like medical doctors. Low status for teachers has very serious implications for global standards of education, and indeed for society as a whole.

We believe that if the teaching profession is to attract the world’s best and brightest, it must have a high social status. Today, we’re pleased to announce what we hope will be a crucial first step towards achieving this aim: the publication of The Global Teacher Status Index, commissioned by the Varkey GEMS Foundation and written by Professor Peter Dolton and Dr Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez.

The first report of its kind, The Global Teacher Status Index compiles opinion data from 21,000 respondents with half a million data points to produce an accurate representation of teachers’ social status in 21 countries around the world. The study combines findings from a number of key areas to produce a ranked list of countries, from those in which teaching enjoys the highest status, to those in which it has the lowest."

To see how your country compares to others, download the report at

You will also be able to find out more about the Index, take an interactive tour of the findings, access data and download our info graphics.

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