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Cherie Booth: 'All women should have the chance to have a family and a career'

Cherie Booth QC, 20 October 2013

Thirty years after she became pregnant with her first child, the barrister argues that society must do more to enable mothers to play a full role at home and in the workplace.

Cherie Blair: give apprenticeships to stay-at-home Mums

Louise Allain, 21 October, 2013

In a recent article for a family charity, Mrs Blair suggests that mums who have been absent from the workforce for some time are given 'returnerships', apprentice-style programmes that help re-introduce them to the workplace, whilst caring for their children.

Alone in the City ?

Louise Allain, 20th October, 2013

All of these women are left exploited, demeaned, vulnerable to health risks, and often traumatised by the life they fall in to. Also the fear of criminalisation that prostitution leads to, naturally makes them reticent to talk about their employment.....

First Global Index on Slavery shows 29 Million People are Enslaved

Louise Allain, 19th October, 2013

With 32 billion dollars a year generated by Slavery, those like Monique Villa of Trust Women and Kevin Bales who has helped compile the First Global Slavery Index this year, are fighting an enormous and amazing humanitarian task to make slavery a thing of the past: again.

Why does The Children and Families Bill fall so short on disabled children's rights?

New Statesman, Cherie Booth QC, 16 October 2013

Two thirds of families with disabled children cannot get the most basic state and local authority support in their own area. Small changes to The Children and Families Bill could change all of that. Families with disabled children face immense...

Female Empowerment Needs Technology

14th October, 2013

At the recent Social Good Summit, the issue of girls dropping out of the educational system much earlier than boys, highlights the need for technology to be instrumental in helping women go beyond the aspiration of just primary education

The 2013 Global Teacher Status Index

Sunday 6 October, 2013

"We believe that if the teaching profession is to attract the world’s best and brightest, it must have a high social status.." Vikas Pota, Chief Executive, Varkey GEMS Foundation