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Women at the Forefront of Climate Action

Women at the Forefront of Climate Action, Rachel Kyte, 20th September 2013

On 27 September, the United Nations will release the findings of the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC, in light of which, women in Bangladesh are at the forefront of a program using solar energy

Women 'Disappear' from Executive Jobs After Giving Birth

Jonathan Prynn, London Evening Standard, 25th September 2013

Evidence revealed in official figures today shows women “disappear” from top jobs once they start having children

New chief of UN Women highlights girls’ education as priority to combat poverty, boost development

UN News Centre, 12 September 2013

UN Women highlights girls’ education as priority in order to combat poverty and to boost development

Why banks must break down the barriers for women, fast

Anne McPherson , The Guardian, Wednesday 4 September 2013

Women entrepreneurs establish their businesses much faster then men, but they are held back by the barriers on funding

Networking Their Way to Success: Gladys, Humu and Frederica in Sierra Leone

Huffpost Impact, UK, 2 September 2013

Cherie Blair talks about the difficulties in Sierra Leone that women entrepreneurs face and what benefits they get from participating in the country's first network for women entrepreneurs