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President Obama Signs New Directive to Strengthen our Work to Advance Gender Equality Worldwide

Valerie Jarrett and Samantha Power, The White House Blog, 30 January 2013

Valerie Jarrett is a Senior Advisor to the President and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls. Samantha Power is the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at the National Security Council.

Bringing your religious beliefs to work - what are the limits?

Cherie Booth QC, The Lawyer, 22 January 2013

Nadia Eweida’s success at the ECHR doesn’t mean that wearing religious symbols in the workplace is an automatic entitlement, says Cherie Booth QC

Connectivity for Women: The Growing Digital Divide

HuffPost, 14 January 2013

Last week two international tech summits took place in the US, one on the East Coast and the other one on the West Coast, and they could not have been more different. While the Consumer Electric Show presented limitless possibilities of growing technology innovation, the ICT Forum for Women and Girls organised by UN Women and the US State Department highlighted a growing digital divide.

Meet your mentor with Cherie Blair CBE

Stylist, 15 January 2013

Stylist invites the renowned QC to reveal why mentoring is the crucial way to get ahead in 2013

King Abdullah appoints women to Saudi Arabian Parliament for first time

Business Insider, 11 January 2013

King Abdullah has cautiously introduced economic and social reforms "aimed at reconciling Saudi Arabia’s religious traditions with the needs of a modern economy and youthful population. "

Thank You, Secretary Clinton, says Natalie Pace

HuffPost, 13 January 2013

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is stepping off the fast track this year, and, though it has not been well-publicized (yet), her turn as Secretary of State may well be regarded as one of the most important periods for women the world has ever known.

Completing Democracy: Women’s Rights in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya

Yale Journal of International Affairs, 8 January 2013

The beginning of the Arab Awakening was defined by a wave of protests, demonstrations and revolutions that collectively rejected autocratic rule and singularly expressed a preference for democratic governance. As democratization is an ongoing process, the emerging democratic projects in the region are currently in a state of flux.

The Reconstructionists


A yearlong celebration of remarkable women who have changed how we see the world.

A New Year's Resolution to Benefit the World: Education for Women

Huffington Post 4th January 2013, Cherie Blair

'An educated woman is more likely to bring prosperity to her neighborhood so education is common sense, as well as good for economic development.'