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Our Picks from the League of Extraordinary Women, 24 July 2012

Blair’s foundation provides women entrepreneurs in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East with training in business and mobile technology.

Check out our top 10 favorites from Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women, consisting of 60 notable and heroic members. These women, as well as the organizations they’re associated with, are making strides in regards to developing the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

This unprecedented network of high-achieving women are taken from some of the world’s largest companies, innovative startups, philanthropic organizations, government, and the arts. Through their various heroic efforts and social causes, each member of the League has combined forces to change the lives of girls and women everywhere.

Here are the top fashion and digital innovators, taken from their list of women changing the world:

1. Cherie Blair Founder, The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
Blair’s foundation provides women entrepreneurs in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East with training in business and mobile technology. The group recently collaborated with Qualcomm to bring 3G-enabled smartphones and laptops to Malaysian women. The influx of technology gives the fledgling businesswomen access to the foundation’s global network of e-mentors.

2. Lily Cole Brand Ambassador, The Body Shop
The British model, actress, and activist recently teamed with The Body Shop to promote the company’s Beauty With Heart campaign, which emphasizes fair-trade cosmetics products made by women in oppressive communities. Cole and The Body Shop also championed a 2011 petition, signed by over 735,000, that challenged the UK government to better protect victims of child sex trafficking.

3. Carolyn Everson Executive Sponsor, Facebook Women
The VP of global marketing solutions at Facebook is the executive sponsor of Facebook Women, an employee relations group that holds women-only discussions in more than 15 offices around the globe. Once a year, Facebook Women holds a summit in San Francisco, bringing external speakers into the fold.

4. Leila Janah Founder & CEO, Samasource
Samasource creates computer-based work opportunities for women, youth, and refugees living in underserved areas. Janah’s company has connected workers to projects from LinkedIn, Intuit, and Google. Cool technology: The SamaHub cloud-based microwork platform gives workers real-time insight on performance and behavior.

5. Alessandra Lariu Cofounder, SheSays
SheSays, a global online network, connects creative women around the world with jobs, digital production skills, and collaboration opportunities. This year Lariu’s org will grow to 20 cities, triple the number of registered users, and launch an online tool to locate female experts in various fields.

6. Joanne Wilson Writer & Blogger, Gotham Gal
Wilson-or Gotham Gal, as she’s known on her blog-channels experience from her years of working in sales for a Silicon Valley startup events company into her website, where her weekly Women Entrepreneur Mondays creates a platform for promoting women-led entrepreneurship. Wilson is also an investor in women-led startups, including apartment-search site Nestio.

7. Nelly Yusupova CTO, Webgrrls
Webgrrls is a networking organization that helps keep professional women, both in and out of the tech space, plugged in to each other. Yusupova, founder of Internet consulting company, leads the NYC Webgrrls chapter, the first and largest subgroup of Webgrrls International.

8. Veronika Sonsev Copresident, Women in Wireless
Sonsev, founder of e-commerce tech company inSparq, would like more women to become leaders in the digital and mobile world. Which is why her group, Women in Wireless, organizes networking events, panels, and mentoring for women in the industry.

9. Holly Gordon Executive Director, 10×10
The 10×10 film and social action project follows the hardships and triumphs of 10 girls in struggling areas of 10 different countries: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone, and Uganda, where less than 50% of girls who enroll in primary school complete it.

10. Rachel Sklar Cofounder, Change the Ratio &
A site aimed at increasing visibility, access, and opportunity for women in new media, Change the Ratio hits its two-year anniversary this year. To celebrate: Sklar will soon launch The, a newsletter resource for women in tech. article