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The Rule of Law - an unfathomable concept?

Junior Lawyers Division, 22 July 2011

Professor Javaid Rehman, Cherie Booth QC and Rabinder Singh QC to take part in a panel discussion, chaired by the engaging and enthusiastic Professor Conor Gearty.

The rule of law can seem like a daunting concept for junior lawyers. It is often cited by lawyers, judges, politicians and academics all over the world, yet rarely is it explained. For junior lawyers it is crucial to understand this concept as it could come up as a question during interviews throughout your career and also because much of what we do as lawyers is underpinned by an understanding of what the rule of law is.

For many, an obvious starting point is Tom Bingham’s excellent book The Rule of Law. But for those looking for a fascinating and accessible introduction or in need of a refresher on this principle, the Junior Lawyers Division has produced this 45 minute video 'The Rule of Law: An unfathomable concept?'.

Four of the UK’s foremost human rights barristers and academics joined a panel discussion to explain what the rule of law means to them and put it into the context of current political and legal issues.

Click here to view the video and see the original article on the JLD website