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Cherie Blair - My London

Evening Standard Magazine 11th December 2009

Cherie's London - a feature in the Evening Standard

Cherie Blair brings 'new culture' to aspiring businesswomen of India

Telegraph Online Thursday 3rd December 2009

We want to showcase and prove how much women in business in India are already achieving, and also explore what the barriers are and what we can do about it.

Cherie is backing The Women's Leadership Fund which invests in firms with female executives

The Guardian Online Monday 26th October

This is not a bra-burning exercise, this is business.... if the fund does well then people will realise that gender diversity is a good thing. The two go hand-in-hand.

Speech at the Women 1st Launch Event

Lanesborough Hotel London 13th October 2009

The promotion of women to a rightful place of equality in the labour market is no kind of positive discrimination but a sensible choice, to utilise the skills that women possess is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Celebrating Britain's successful women

The Guardian Monday 5th October

The Women of the Future awards pay tribute to Britain's female high achievers. Patron Cherie Blair explains why women-only awards are still relevant - and important - today

Africa's obstruction of justice

The Guardian, Saturday 18 July 2009

The African Union's refusal to help deliver Sudan's president to the International Criminal Court's dock is depressing.

It is not just democracy that is illegal in Iran

The Times 9th July 2009

We must not allow our focus on the current protests to blind us to the state persecution of Iran’s religious minorities

Countries removing barriers to equal opportunity are performing best

The Independent Friday 19 June 2009

There is a mountain of evidence that shows companies and countries which are removing barriers to equal opportunity are those performing best

Speech to International Women Judges

Washington DC March 2009

As a young lawyer nothing shocked me more than what I learnt about the scale and nature of domestic violence, how it crossed all social boundaries and the dreadful impact it had. Cherie Booth QC

Article on Sex Trafficking

It is the prejudice which women face in many parts of the world, their lack of rights and control over their own bodies and lives which helps create the conditions where sex trafficking can flourish.