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Speech on Human Rights, Women and the Church

The Vatican Angelicum University, Rome December 2008

I hope that the Church can continue to develop, refine and yes even change some of its attitudes towards the specific issues which arise from women’s rights.

Reflections on a recent trip to India

Dehli and the Punjab, 17th - 23rd November 2008

The Government in India understands the critical importance of rooting out discrimination and prejudice against women for accelerating the country’s remarkable economic progress.

Times Column

Times 2 - Friday 14th November 2008

After a gruelling campaign, Michelle Obama says she has already developed a thick skin. She will need it.

Times Column

Times 2 - Friday 31st October 2008

Cherie now has an occassional column in Times 2 on Fridays - here is her first contribution.

The Importance of Educating Girls

City School, London May 2007

Millions of our young people continue in the 21st century to be denied access to the very basics of human life.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders and Prison Reform

Sheriff and Recorders Fund Speech - London March 2008

"Believe me, making prisoners do proper jobs whenever we can, is not a soft option."

Escaping the Parasite Poverty Trap: Understanding the scale of the problem

Davos January 2008

"This will not, I’m afraid, be a talk for the faint-hearted."