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The Mourning After - the Plight of Widows around the World

The New York Times December 2007

"Only with determination and courage will we be able to save widows and their families from lives of stigma, harassment and humiliation. "

The Human Rights of those in Care

National Care Association Conference Speech - Coventry November 2007

" As much as anything else, Human Rights are about the standard of care we should expect in residential institutions for the elderly, the young and mentally ill."

Fighting Prejudice Against Widows

Speech on the 10th Anniversary of the Loomba Trust - Dehli, November 2007

"Widowhood is an invisible but huge problem not just in India but across the World."

A Tribute to Shirin Ebadi

TIME Magazine Piece on Shirin Ebadi - November 2007

"Her personal courage, unwavering commitment to the Rule of Law and determination to defend the weak against injustice are qualities that mark out an extraordinary lawyer and woman."

A Woman's Right

Chatham House Lecture - London October 2007

"I want to talk about how the struggle for women's rights remains vitally important in the 21st century and to argue that this battle is universal and can't be restricted by claims of cultural or religious differences."

The Human Rights of those in Care

Speech to the National Care Association - Coventry, October 2007

"Human Rights are about the standard of care we should expect in residential institutions for the elderly, the young and the mentally ill."

Don't let culture be an excuse for demeaning women

The Observer October 2007

"It is unacceptable that women stil face barriers and discrimination simply because of their gender."

Acceptance Speech of the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal

New York October 2007

Eleanor Roosevelt has long been a heroine and inspiration to me as she has, I know, to countless people.

Shining a Light on the Plight of Widows and their Families

UN Diwali Speech - New York October 2007

"What could be more universal and eternal than a celebration of the victory of darkness over light, of good over evil."

The Media and Teenage Girls

Article for The Times based on the Women and Journalism Conference London September 2007

It may be unfashionable to say this but I think the younger generation are great. As a mother of four, I know I might be biased but the more young people I meet, the more I am convinced our world...

The Self-image of Teenage Girls

Women in Journalism Event September 2007

It may be unfashionable to say this but I think the younger generation are great

What We Can Contribute to Realizing the Rights of the Child

Lucerne, Switzerland, May 2007

Human Rights and particularly Children’s Rights are of great interest to me for three key reasons: Firstly because of my profession as a barrister specialising in human rights. Secondly, as a mother of four children which means I share the...

The Unfinished Business of Slavery

Hull May 2007

Introduction Good morning and thank you for inviting me to this conference and for giving me the privilege of addressing such a distinguished audience. It is a special honour for me to be here at WISE. The institute has only...

Speech to the UN on World Water Day

New York March 2007

On behalf of Lord Patel and myself, can I welcome you all today and to thank such important partners as WaterAid and World Vision for joining us. We are here to draw attention on World Water Day to the dreadful...

Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Afghanistan March 2007

Today’s roundtable discussion on women’s rights in Afghanistan is an extremely important event. I am honoured to be able to meet the delegation of highly accomplished Afghan women who are working to make a real difference in their country. I...

Lent Talk

BBC February 2007

I ‘ve been sitting as a part time judge for ten years now and for me the most difficult part of the process is the sentencing. The Defendant faces me from the dock while I explain to him (and it...

Gender Based Violence, An Obstacle to Development

Rwanda, February 2007

It is a real privilege for me to be back in Rwanda and to be with you to celebrate the remarkable achievements of its people and in particular its women. What has been achieved here in Rwanda over the last...

Article for The Sun for domestic violence week

The Sun: 8th February 2007

Cherie Booth QC speaking as Patron of national domestic violence charity Refuge: ;It’s been over 30 years since I handled my first domestic violence case as a young barrister. But it is etched in my memory. I was 22 with...