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Cherie's visit to Jakarta

The support of companies like Nokia, Indosat, ExxonMobil and Qtel and the participation of local partners such as Mercy Corps was a wonderful display of enthusiasm for the new mobile service.

The Loomba Foundation launches plans for UN International Widows Day 2013

The events to mark International Widows Day 2013 will be held in association with UN Women.

Cherie receives the Trinity Justitia Omnibus Award

"As human rights lawyers, we are frequently presented with tough questions and we should not shirk from engaging with them nor should we fear the political debate or even condemnation such engagement may bring."

2012 Women's Forum Global Meeting 'Wanted: 360° growth'

The agenda incorporated some of the most innovative and talented women in business, the media, academia and society.

Cherie joins current and former first ladies at RAND Forum

Current and former first ladies gather at RAND Forum in New York to expand leadership on women's issues.

Cherie applauds Obama's Speech

Human trafficking "is not a business model. It's a crime, and we're going to stop it." President Obama

Cherie's visit to the University of San Diego School of Law

Cherie met four women peacemakers who each movingly described their activities in various fields of conflict.

Cherie visits the West Coast of Ireland

The island of Omey is a place of devotion to Saint Feichín, who is known to have established many similar communities across the West of Ireland.

Cherie presents Awards at Rainham School for Girls

"I was so impressed that Cherie gave to each and every student warm and personal praise, which I know they will cherish. It was a night to remember."

Cherie presents Aung San Suu Kyi with Liverpool John Moores University Fellowship

Universe Column, David Alton, 21 July 2012

Cherie's day in Liverpool at Jospice and the Lily Centre

"Anyone who is associated or knows Jospice can only admire the early determination of the founder and supporters to start such a worthy charity."

Cherie visits Endeavour Housing Association and the Spirit of Merseyside Awards

The event celebrated Merseyside's communities; the charities, voluntary groups, community leaders, social businesses, funders, supporters, volunteers and philanthropists.

Cherie's visit to the Dialogue Society

Cherie discussed equality in partnerships and the need for flexibility for both men and women in the workplace.

Oxford Bar Society

The loss of women in their 30s to the profession was discussed with Cherie advising the need for more flexible working hours

Asian Women of Achievement Awards

The annual awards recognising the achievements of Asian women in the UK

A Day in Liverpool

Two speaking engagements and a trip down memory lane.

Cherie Co-Chairs the Inaugural Meeting of the International Council on Women's Business Leadership

Cherie pointed out that women perform 66% of the world's work and produce 50% of the food, but they only earn 10% of the income