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Cherie Speaks at the Women's Career Conference

The conference was designed by Mulberry School for Girls in conjunction with Lloyds Banking Group.

Last week Cherie spoke at the Women's Career Conference entitled Leadership, Engagement and Empowerment.

The conference focused on women in politics and law, women in music and media, women in business, women in banking and finance, women in education and women in science and invention.

The aim was to heighten awareness about issues relating to gender in the workplace, such as gender equity and economic disparity. The intentions was also to help young women develop a consciousness of how to lead social change, to create in young women an understanding of leadership by women across different fields, to enable young women to become aware of the work by women as agents for positive social change and to enable young women to consider their own leadership skills.

The conference was designed by Mulberry School for Girls in conjunction with Lloyds Banking Group. It brought together young women from Mulberry School for Girls, City of London School for Girls, Central Foundation Girls' School for Girls, Channing School, Skinners' Academy, Highbury Fields School for Girls, St Pauls Way Trust School, Bethnal Green Technology College, Walthamstow School for Girls and the Ursuline School for Girls in Wimbledon.

These schools are involved in a long standing collegial partnership and each school promotes high quality education for young women. They also encourage the importance of leadership by women in employment, public life and community life and family roles and the conference is designed to support these aims.

Cherie spoke about Women in Law, and discussed the importance of the Law, and why she chose to go into the Law Industry. She also shared her journey with the students:

"You never stop learning. I have been studying and practising law now as a barrister and part-time judge for 40 years - and I still learn something new all the time."

Other speakers included Diana Brightmore-Armour (CEO of Corporate Banking at Lloyds), Dame Patricia Hodgeson (Principal of Newnham College), Rushanara Ali MP and Jude Kelly OBE, to name a few.