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Italy Welcomes the AUW

Italy Welcomes the AUW

Human Rights & Access to Higher Education Event

Italy Welcomes the AUW

Speaking at Globalisation and Human Rights

Italy Welcomes the AUW

Cherie with Kamal Ahmad and Enrico Zobele

"Educated women bring with them cross-generational benefits in the family and community"

In mid February Cherie travelled to Trento in Italy to take part in a day long programme of events, to celebrate and promote the joining of the Asian University for Women with the University of Trento. The occasion was hosted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto.

Her first engagement called "Human Rights and Access to Higher Education; a Dialogue with Cherie Blair" took place at the University of Trento. Cherie sat on a panel alongside Kamal Ahmad from the AUW, two AUW students (Renu Johnson and Nawra Mehrin), and Enrico Zobele, President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto. She also gave a speech, entitled "Human Rights in the Women's Century" which highlighted the connection between human rights and women's access to higher education, as well as the benefits of educating women:

"Educated women bring with them cross-generational benefits in the family and community, resulting in better educated children, improved nutrition and health, and of course, socio-economic advancement and mobility."

Renu and Nawra then gave talks on their experiences at the AUW before taking part in a Q&A with the audience. To conclude Enrico Zobele, the President of the Foundation, handed over a cheque for the AUW.

Cherie then attended a press conference with Kerry Kennedy and Barbara Serra, which was followed by a dinner at the Foundation headquarters. She then took part in "Globalisation and Human Rights", a debate and discussion with Kerry Kennedy, and moderated by Barbara Serra. Cherie spoke about the AUW, education, women's rights, and her own Foundation:

"We at the Foundation believe that backing women's rights is good ethics and sound economics. When men and women work together, businesses, economies and societies prosper."

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