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'Headscarf Law': Should France Ban Headscarves in Schools?

Watch the trailer for the pilot episode of 'World on Trial', in which Cherie Blair takes part in a simulated courtroom trial focusing on the legality of France's 2004 'headscarf law'.

Last year Cherie took part in the filming of an educational public television series called 'The World on Trial' which hopes to present both sides of important pending human rights issues in simulated courtroom trials conducted by leading international advocates, jurists and experts before a live audience and representative juries worldwide. The series will be broadcast on public television stations in the US and internationally over the internet.

The pilot episode questions the legality of France's 2004 'headscarf law', which forbids the wearing of conspicuous religious items in schools, and asks: is this law a discriminatory 'Islamophobic' effort to stop Muslim girls from expressing their religious beliefs, or is it an appropriate way of preserving French secularism in the public arena and a way of protecting Muslim girls who choose not to wear the veil?