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Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

To date, projects inspired by CGI members have improved the lives of 220 million people in more than 170 countries.

Last month Cherie took part in the CGI 2010 Annual Meeting where she participated in a panel discussion on 'Mobile Revolution: Transforming Access, Markets, and Development. ' The objective of the session was to discuss the transformation of the world's poorest nations through mobile technologies, which are helping men and women overcome physical and social barriers. Mobile applications are improving health, educational and economic outcomes and these breakthroughs are enabling smart use of limited resources and transforming business processes. The panel addressed new ways that companies and nonprofit organisations can turn mobile phones into powerful tools of social innovation. When asked about the situation regarding mobile phones and women Cherie responded:
Research has proven that there is a large gender gap within the mobile phone industry. Mobile phones change women's lives. Data has proven that women feel safer and more independent having a cell phone. Many organizations and individuals, such as GSMA, Secretary Clinton, and the NGO community, are working to reach the 300 million that are not getting mobile technology.
Cherie also took part in the 'Empowering Women and Girls' session, which explored new ways to empower girls and women. This is an issue that Cherie feels passionate about as she has her own Foundation for Women. CGI argues that educated women could drive economic growth and development and yet due to lack of access and social status, the contributions women can make to the global economy are underutilised. Cherie strongly agrees with their argument that the businesses, governments and development organisations that fail to invest in women are missing out on ways to develop new markets and improve economies. They discussed strategies for investing in girls and women to enable them to become better educated, safer, healthier and more engaged in family decisions and their communities.

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