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Campaigning in Liverpool

April 20th 2010

Campaigning in Liverpool

Cherie and Luciana

Campaigning in Liverpool

The Staff at Centre 56

Campaigning in Liverpool

The Rights and Humanity's New Office Launch

Cherie was out on the campaign trail in her home town of Liverpool in the run up to the local and national elections

Last month, Cherie visited Liverpool to meet the new young Labour candidate for their Wavertree Constituency; Luciana Berger. In response to the criticism that Luciana is not a local, Cherie said:
"I'm sure she'll be a fantastic Member of Parliament and work for the people of Wavertree just as hard as any local candidate".
Luciana accompanied Cherie to the Phoenix Special School where they met local children and staff and were given a tour. They also visited Frontline Church Hall and were taken to the Community Cafe where they met young volunteers as well as the leader of the mentoring project which aims to keep children out of trouble and away from gangs.
For coverage of the visit in the Liverpool Daily Post click here
Cherie also paid a visit to Centre 56, a refuge for women and children in Liverpool who have been subjected to violent abuse. On 22 April, she was welcomed by Centre 56 for a lunch at the Panoramic Restaurant, courtesy of Hugh Frost, the owner of the Panoramic. They celebrated their 25th Anniversary and welcomed Cherie as Patron in response to which she gave a thank you speech. Cherie said in an interview with the Liverpool Echo:
"Centre 56 is a wonderful life-changing charity - a safe haven for women and their children who have suffered domestic abuse. The charity reaches out to Merseyside women who find themselves in desperate need. The refuge helps fix broken lives and enables women and their children to move on to hopefully better times".
Cherie later also attended the Opening of Rights and Humanity's new International Centre of Excellence in Human Rights and Responsibilities at The Royal Liver Building in Liverpool. The opening was combined with The Rights and Humanity Global Leaders Congress 2010 where they discussed key global challenges. As Patron of Rights and Humanity, Cherie feels very strongly about their work helping millions of poor and disadvantaged people across the world to understand their human rights and dignity.
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