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Cherie Chairs the First Commonwealth HIV and Human Rights Lecture

The law on human rights is crucial to combating the spread of AIDS.

Cherie Attends the Financial Times Women at the Top Conference

The conference speakers discussed the impact of the increasing participation of women in global economic growth.

Cherie backs the Royal Court Theatre's Restoration

"I know the people of Liverpool are playing an important role in this project by supporting the fantastic shows produced by the theatre and I know the Trust will do everything it can to improve the theatre for their benefit."

Diversity in the Professions

Open prejudice against women in the legal profession has been rooted out, but informal barriers nevertheless remain and women are still massively under-represented in more senior roles.

Cherie Blair Fights for International Widows Day in New York

A recent report by the Loomba Foundation found that almost 60 million widows live in extreme poverty causing malnutrition, bad health, starvation and physical insecurity.

Loomba Launches in Canada

The work of the Loomba Foundation has given hope to thousands of widows throughout the world.

The Launch of the mWomen Initiative with Hillary Clinton

Advancing women entrepreneurs' economic circumstances with the use of mobile technology.

Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting

To date, projects inspired by CGI members have improved the lives of 220 million people in more than 170 countries.

Cherie on Education and Women in Malaysia and Bangladesh

This will be an effort not only to educate but to inspire youth in the rural community to see education as an important tool to break out of poverty.

Visit to the Jewish Museum

We can see in these exhibits the cultural and spiritual co-operation between Christians and Jews over centuries.

Cherie Sees for Herself the Rehabilitation Programme at HMP Grendon

Recent findings have proven that HMP Grendon, a model for therapeutic care, is the only UK prison to have proven to reduce reoffending rates.

TiE UK; Bringing Entrepreneurs Together

Women in the 'missing middle' - as founders of small businesses - are the drivers of development.

The Lily Centre Receives The Queen's Award For Voluntary Service

As Patron of The Lily Centre, Cherie was delighted to hear that they received The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service which is the MBE for volunteer groups.

EXPO 2015: Women and EXPO

Expo Milano addressed the universal theme of nutrition from an environmental, historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technical-scientific and economic point of view. They approached it from a global perspective by stimulating and challenging all parts of society.

Campaigning in Liverpool

April 20th 2010

Cherie was out on the campaign trail in her home town of Liverpool in the run up to the local and national elections

Campaigning in Swindon South

May 2010

Cherie continued her support of women Labour candidates during the last week of the election campaign.

Campaigning for Labour Women in the North East

April 2010

I am very keen to show my support for the fantastic new women candidates we have across the North East region - they will be a strong voice for the area and a real asset to Parliament.*

Promoting Women's issues and Philanthropy in the Far East

April 2010

Cherie had the chance to spread the word about the Asian University for Women and her Foundation for Women during a recent visit to the Far East

A Tribute to Maria Kaczynska by Cherie Blair

April 10th 2010

Maria Kaczynska was a tremendous asset to her husband throughout his Presidency and their loss has left a void at the heart of a nation.

Pride 'n Purpose

April 2010

The Pride 'n Purpose philosophy is to work with the people rather than for the people. The charity believes that people are most successfully helped if they are empowered to help themselves.

Cherie celebrates her 30th Wedding Anniversary this spring

March 2010

Cherie is celebrating her 30th Wedding Anniversary this month,on 29th March 2010

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya

March 2010

I know that when women are given the chance to make the most of their talents they can achieve higher living standards and can start to escape poverty.

Cherie Blair Meets Langdon Residents at the Launch of The Quadrant

22nd February 2010

It was lovely to meet so many of the Langdon residents and feel the positive atmosphere that was such a testament to how supported living works

The launch of the Cherie Blair Fellowships at the Asian University for Women

January 2010

Cherie has been an ardent campaigner for the Asian University for Women globally and was delighted to be able to launch the Cherie Blair Fellowships in person.

A Visit to Child In Need India

India January 2010

CINI endeavours to help underprivileged mothers and children across India break free from the cycle of poverty and neglect.

Campaigning in Delhi for the Loomba Trust

India January 2010

The primary objective of the Loomba Trust is to empower poor widows and educate their children in India and across the globe.

Reaching out to Haiti

January 12th 2010

As a country of extreme poverty, Haiti will rely heavily on the response of the international community.

Report of Cherie's Meeting with Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangaldesh

Published in the Daily Star, Dhaka 9th January 2010

Cherie was honoured to meet with Sheikh Hasina during her visit to Bangaldeah