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Women Mean Business Conference in India

Mumbai India - Dec 2009

Women Mean Business Conference in India

Women Mean Business Conference in India

Women Mean Business Conference in India

The Mission of the Cherie Blair Foundation is to strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs in countries where they lack equal opportunities so they can grow their buinesses and become greater contributors to their economies

In early December The Cherie Blair Foundation For Women made its debut in India by hosting a conference called 'Women Mean Business". The one day event on December 11th, brought together women entrepreneurs, professionals and NGOs to unite in support of women's empowerment.

Several Corporate partners took part and pledged to aid the foundation in identifying barriers that prevent Indian women from progressing in the world of business..A series of successful Indian men and women addressed the Conference which had about 350 attendees to offer theier advice and guidance too. They included HSBC India country head Naina Lal Kidwai, MD of ICICI bank Chanda Kochhar, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi and designer Ritu Kumar, Each panel seesion also provided the opportunity for audience participation during which interesting thoughts and ideas were exchanged

Indu Shahani, the Sherriff of Mumbai showed her firm support for the initiative during her opening address:
"Cherie has resourcefully used her high personal profile over the past few years a dynamic role in helping women globally to promote and support their economic independence and empowerment. The Foundation has been a morale booster for women who own small and medium enterprises in the developing world by providing them with access to finance, networking opportunities and business development. In a society that has been largely male dominated it is very refreshing to witness the rise of so many sucesful women in India today. Indian women have truly come in to their own and have emerged as leaders in both thought and action."
The Conference was regarded as a great success and also served to offer useful on going networking opportunities for women from diverse professional backgrounds at.various stages of reaching their professional goals.
In her concluding speech Mrs Blair pointed out that a Country striving towards economic suscces does best when it draws on the talents of both men and women alike
"We're not calling for any gender to dominate the other. We're looking to create greater partnership,'' Cherie Blair,
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