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The Launch of Cherie's Book in China

August 2009

The Launch of Cherie's Book in China

The cover of the Chinese Book

The Launch of Cherie's Book in China

The LSE Event in Shanghai

The Launch of Cherie's Book in China

At the spectatular Huangguoshu Waterfalls

Cherie's Biography Speaking for Myself has now been published in Chinese.

In August Cherie launched a Chinese-language version of her autobiography at the Annual Book Fair in Shanghai and also at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing which was a great honour. She was delighted with the reception that she received in both Cities.
Cherie has added a special preface to this version to include her experiences in China and has also featured extra pictures to the Chinese edition which is published by the Shanghai Peoples Press. Click here for a link to the publishers site
Cherie was accompanied on her visit by her daughter Kathryn and her sister in law Katy Tse who is of Hong Kongese origin
Answering questions from the Chinese audiences about why she had wanted to write her memoirs Cherie explained:
"I wanted to put into a context a woman's journey of 50 years from a working class background in Liverpool to someone who ended up not only living at the most famous addresses in the world but meeting with two American presidents and the premier of China and along the way had a lot of fun."
She said that Speaking for Myself is something that most women worldwide could relate to as attitudes toward life and career are often similar despite cultural differences. She added that many women face the same obstacles and they can share their experiences and learn from each other.
"I think the women in China actually have a lot that they can share with the women in Western Europe," Cherie explained. "For example engineering. In Western Europe we have very few women engineers. And it has been regarded as though it's not a job for a woman. Yet when I first came to China I was astonished that almost every woman I met was an engineer. I think at least 50 percent of engineers in China are women, which just goes to show that engineering obviously is a job for women and these cultural assumptions about what women can and cannot do, can be overcome."

As an LSE LLB graduate from 1975 Cherie took the time to meet with LSE alumni during her visit. Around 100 alumni turned up in both Beijing and Shanghai for A Dialogue with Cherie moderated by the LSE's Brendan Smith.
Cherie spoke of her experiences at LSE, the challenges for her, and women, in general, in developing successful legal careers, and her experiences as "first lady" in No.10 Downing Street. She also spoke about her life since No.10, and the work of her Foundation for Women.
The attendees also had the opportunity to have copies of the Chinese version of Cherie's book personally signed
Cherie ended her visit to China with a trip to Guiyang Province where she was supporting her husbands participation in the Climate Change Summit taking place there and also had the opportunity to visit local sights such as the spectacular Huangguoshu Waterfalls.
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