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Women Mean Business Conference in India

Mumbai India - Dec 2009

The Mission of the Cherie Blair Foundation is to strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs in countries where they lack equal opportunities so they can grow their buinesses and become greater contributors to their economies

The Launch of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Israel and Palestine

November 2009

The goal of Chere's Foundation is to encourage and support women entrepreneurs in countries where they lack equal opportunities.

Chickenshed's 35th Birthday Party

17 November 2009

Each extraordinary piece of theatre created at Chickenshed presents the same message: that anyone can thrive in an environment where everyone is welcome.

Partnering with the Lomba Trust to Support Widows in India

Delhi, October 2009

As President of the Loomba Trust, Cherie has endeavoured for many years to improve the plight of widows and their children.

The Launch of Women 1st

October 2009

Despite the fact that Women make up 59% of the two million strong workforce in the Hospitality Leisure Travel and Tourism sector, they are chronically under represented both in positions of senior management and in the board room.

Cherie Opens a New Learning Centre at the University of East London

October 2009

I believe the Sir John Cass School of Education will be a catalyst for major change in the education landscape across London.

Cherie Meets the Emusoi Girls

October 2009

As an active and passionate advocate of a woman's right to education across the globe, Cherie was fascinated to hear the story of two Maasai girls who had been involved in publishing a very special book.

Girls in the Global Economy: Adding It All Up

September 2009

PLAN's latest report outlines not only the immediate impact of the global recession on young women but also the longer term impact of failing to invest in young girls.

Trying to Stop the Traffik

September 2009

Cherie recently undertook a trip to South Africa where the World Cup 2010 is due to be held, in order to highlight the problems of trafficking for sex and of how to raise respect for women

The Launch of Cherie's Book in China

August 2009

Cherie's Biography Speaking for Myself has now been published in Chinese.

Cherie urges Manchester firms to nurture female talent

May 2009 - Manchester

'We all gain if we can raise the barriers that still stop women from advancing'.

Achieving Independence - The Shafallah Forum 2009

April 2009 Doha Qatar

Championing the Rights of People with Disablities Across the World

Returning to Rwanda

April 2009

Remembering those who died and trying to help those left behind

Supporting Widows in Kenya

April 2009

"The concept of turning widows into entrepreneurs so they can both feed and educate their children has already been shown to work in Kenya," Cherie Blair

Stop the Traffik Book Launch

March 12th 2009

The prejudice which women face in many parts of the world, their lack of rights and control over their own lives helps create the conditions where trafficking can flourish. Cherie Blair

International Womens Day 2009

March 8th 2009

Society works better when women and men, with their complementary skills, come together from a position of equality. So that there's equal respect. Cherie Blair

Christianity: A History

Channel 4 - January - March 2009

A committed Catholic, Cherie investigates Christianity over the last 100 years and explores its future prospects.

Returning to India

November 2008

For Cherie Blair the secret to improving our homes and by extension the world starts with a simple yet vital move - educating girls. Quote from the Hindustan Times