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Speaking for Myself is published in the USA

October 2008

Speaking for Myself is published in the USA

US Book Cover

Speaking for Myself is published in the USA

UK Book Cover - Photo: John Swannell

Speaking for Myself is published in the USA

Leaving Downing Street for the last time

"My memory is not infallible, and this is not a history book. It is simply one woman's attempt to recollect her life - a memoir of someone who, for a period of time, had a walk on part in history." Cherie Blair

Following the successful publication of her memoir "Speaking for Myself" in the UK, Cherie has now published the US edition of her book.
Click here to see her appearance on the Jay Leno Show

For American readers the book is available from 14th October in most bookstores and can purchased on line by clicking on the links below

"In 'Speaking for Myself', Cherie Blair paints an intimate portrait of life inside 'the goldfish bowl' in her own words, for the first time.

This frank, funny and revealing memoir recounts her journey from a working-class upbringing in Liverpool to an extraordinary life in the spotlight as wife of the Prime Minister.

The self-proclaimed 'over-enthusiastic Scouser' was raised by strong women - her mother and grandmother - and went on to become a world-class QC specialising in women's, employment and human rights.

As the first wife of a Prime Minister to have a serious career and young family, Cherie Blair writes candidly about the joys, privileges and challenges of supporting one of the most influential men in the world.

The memoir offers a personal account of many of the widely-reported events and news stories of recent years, from the joy of the 1997 election victory to the family's exit from Downing Street ten years later.

Many readers will have formed an opinion of Cherie Blair from newspaper reports over the years. Now, they will read the full story of Cherie Blair's life; in her own words." Little, Brown 2008

"The book is everything I hoped it would be when we commissioned it - frank, funny and revealing, it encapsulates a remarkable life. I hope lots of people will enjoy reading it as much as I did." Ursula Mackenzie, Cherie Blair's publisher

"A riveting read" - Bel Mooney, The Times

"Very funny" - Peter Stanford, Daily Telegraph

"Cherie's personal story is extraordinary" - The Sun

"A great read" - Irish Times

"Profoundly moving"- Vanessa Feltz, Daily Express

"Disarmingly frank" - Anne McElvoy, Evening Standard

"Remarkably candid" - The Observer

"It yields interesting detail which will footnote the history of her husband's premiership" - Daily Express

"Charming, funny and frank" - Judy Finnegan, Daily Express

"A racy read" - The Scotsman

"An intimate and humorous portrait of a family living in extraordinary circumstances" - The Independent

"I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much." - Iain Dale's Blog

The UK version can purchased on line by clicking on the links below:
From the Publishers Little Brown