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Channel 4 Street Weapons Commission

July 2008

Channel 4 Street Weapons Commission

Channel 4 Street Weapons Commission

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Cherie Booth was Chair of Channel 4's Street Weapons Commission

"Like many others, I am deeply concerned that guns and knives are becoming a part of everyday life for some young people in Britain. As a barrister and part-time judge, I have to sentence offenders who have committed crimes with such weapons and have seen for myself the misery that they cause not only to the victims but to themselves and their families.

As Chair of the Street Weapons Commission, I learned an enormous amount speaking to the individuals and organisations across the UK who deal with this issue and its consequences every day, and I believe the Report we produced is a valuable contribution to help combat the increasing use of weapons on our streets ." Cherie Booth QC

A barrister and part-time judge, Cherie Booth was asked by Channel 4 to head an independent and diverse group of Commissioners to find out why so many young people now routinely carry guns and knives and produce a report containing practical ideas to tackle the problem of weapons on our streets.

The Commission took evidence from interested parties, including members of the public, through site visits and hearings held in cities across the United Kingdom and their findings were published in a report in July.

The Truth About Street Weapons, the televised version of the Commission's hearings, was broadcast across five two-hour programmes in June, culminating in a special results programme in which the Commission's recommendations were debated.

Click here to download the report

Click here to view the televised hearings.