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The launch of the Adolescent Girls Initiative at the World Bank HQ

October 2008

By supporting each other we can finally make the 21st century the century of women's empowerment.

Speaking for Myself is published in the USA

October 2008

"My memory is not infallible, and this is not a history book. It is simply one woman's attempt to recollect her life - a memoir of someone who, for a period of time, had a walk on part in history." Cherie Blair

Celebrating British Success in Beijing

August/ September 2008

The achievements of so many women in Team GB in Beijing will I hope encourage more girls to take up sport.

Channel 4 Street Weapons Commission

July 2008

Cherie Booth was Chair of Channel 4's Street Weapons Commission

Schemes for women in Bangladesh

April 2008

"BRAC shows how microcredit schemes are a very important means of delivering self-sustainability in the poorest communities.."

Representing Scope at the Shafallah Centre in Qatar

April 2008

"Removing the physical, attitudinal and cultural barriers that prevent anyone from taking part in sport and leisure activities, is crucial to realising every disabled person's human rights." Cherie Blair

Restorative Justice at Feltham Young Offenders Institute

March 2008

Central to the work of Restorative Justice is the belief that every person harmed by crime or conflict should have the opportunity to try to resolve it through a restorative process.

Visit to India

January 10th - 15th 2008

A report by the Chairman of the Loomba Trust about Cherie's recent visit to India