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Video: Cherie Blair calls for "less of business as usual"

Video: Cherie Blair calls for

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Top independent, global members organisation the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) recently filmed an insightful video dialogue with Cherie Blair, where she called for a need to "examine how we do business".

Stressing the "quality and skills of our people" as our most important asset, she asserted: "Unless you have a diverse workforce and allow different styles of leadership, you're not going to achieve a successful business in the 21st century".

Speaking exclusively to IBLF, the noted barrister and founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women spoke openly to Shivvy Jervis on an array of topics including women's empowerment, current global economic challenges and the role of the private sector in development.

"Are we doing all we can to get the right framework for business to flourish in a way which allows their people to flourish at the same time?," pondered Cherie. She continued: "The world has changed and therefore the ways of doing business in the modern world have to change".

On the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, she explained emphatically: "Women across the world are disadvantaged. Having financial independence gives them the ability to make choices. It gives them the ability to say 'yes' and to say 'no'." Cherie is also currently serving as Vice-Chair - together with PepsiCo's CEO Indra Nooyi - on Hillary Clinton's Council on Women's Business Leadership which she explained focuses on leadership, capacity development, access to capital and access to markets.

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