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Thomson Reuters Foundation Launches Global Centre for Women's Rights

TrustLaw, run by Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of the world's leading provider of news and information, Thomson Reuters, is a global centre for free legal assistance, anti-corruption and women's rights news.

TrustLaw hope to spread the culture and practice of pro bono work around the world and offer services to improve access to the rule of law by connecting those who need legal assistance with lawyers willing to work at no cost.

They also have a growing repository of news and information around anti-corruption and women's rights issues, including national legislation, international conventions, articles, reports, country profiles and law reviews. Content comes from their team of specialist journalists as well as from international institutions, law firms, governments, NGOs and others.

Now Thomson Reuters Foundation has launched a global centre of news, information, resources and discussion on women's legal rights called TrustLaw Women, which pulls together and makes sense of an ever expanding market of information about women's rights. It offers links to women's rights groups, collections of international laws and conventions, case studies, law review articles, reports and guides.

"The reason we chose women's rights is because in the developing world when a woman works children are better fed and better educated, so you tackle the very roots of poverty," said Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO Monique Villa.

"We want to facilitate that as best we can by helping women know their rights, as well as providing the associations that represent men and women a lawyer for free when they need it most."

Among TrustLaw Women's unique offerings is a partnership with IMPOWR (International Models Project on Women's Rights), an ambitious American Bar Association initiative to create a global database of women's rights legislation by country, including analysis and other legal resources on gender equality around the world. The IMPOWR database, due to launch in the spring of 2011, soon will be available for use on TrustLaw Women.

To view the video for the launch of TrustLaw Women click here