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Same Sky: Every Woman, One Dream

Same Sky: Every Woman, One Dream

Same Sky: Every Woman, One Dream

The fair-trade company Same Sky, founded in 2007, not only economically empowers women, but inspires a whole movement of women supporting other women. Same Sky lifts women out of poverty by giving them the tools and means to become entrepreneurs and economically independent, as part of a global movement.

The project is based in Rwanda, where women have become a leading voice in the political arena and currently hold 56% of the national parliamentary seats. Same Sky works directly with Gahaya Links which is a company that employs HIV+ women. All of these women are also survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. They crochet and make bracelets using unique hand-blown glass beads and can then use their skills and consistent employment to rebuild their and their families' lives.

Same Sky's Headquarters is based in New York where the team is committed to build the business and spread the message of empowering women. The bracelet was originally inspired by Mary Fisher, an artist, author and speaker who travels the world speaking about her HIV-positive status. She was the first to teach Rwandan women the style of crochet that they use to make the bracelets today.

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