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Cherie Blair

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The Asian University for Women

The Asian University for Women

AUW graduation day

The Asian University for Women

One of the AUW students

Cherie Blair is a patron of The Asian University for Women (AUW), an institution of higher education based in Bangladesh. She has used her extensive travels in the Middle East, Asia and Africa to promote women's issues and believes in AUW's mission of training young women as someone who attributes her own success to her education.

"In the new global economy, the most important raw material is no longer coal, oil or precious metals. It's people. The key to success for nations now and in the future will be the ability to harness the talents and potential of all its citizens. And that means women as well as men." Cherie Blair

AUW maintains the idea that higher education can lead to social and political equality and aims to help with economic progress for young women from different ethnic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds from across South East Asia and the Middle East. AUW wants its students to experience new international opportunities and pursue paths as professionals, leaders and promoters of tolerance and understanding throughout the world.
The main focus of the university is to encourage young women with leadership potential to address the challenges of social and economic advancement of their countries as well as women who can make educated and moral decisions for themselves, their communities, their countries, and the world. AUW is committed to providing superior education to the regions most talented young women regardless of background and often recruits students from poor, rural and refugee populations who receive scholarships to attend the university. It looks for outstanding and talented young women from places such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. AUW encourages the values of integrity, responsibility, compassion and respect for diversity.
AUW is a relatively small but diverse establishment with approximately 3000 women at and a student faculty ratio of 13:1.
Cherie Blair Fellowships were inaugurated in 2009 and will be given to a select group of AUW students who demonstrate astonishing leadership traits. Each fellowship will cover the student's educational and living costs throughout her studies, including one year at the pre-collegiate Access Academy and the full five year combined BA/MA course at the University.
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