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Al-Fatah School in Afghanistan

Al-Fatah School in Afghanistan

A warm welcome to Al-Fatah School

Al-Fatah School in Afghanistan

The girls are thriving and enjoying their time in school

Giving Afghan girls a chance

Under the Taliban rule, Afghan girls were forbidden to attend school. These days, girls are making up for the lost years. The Al-Fatah school is one of the largest girls schools in Kabul with about 7,000 students. Some of the students are in their late teens and early twenties as they are trying to catch up on the education they had missed.

To start with the school was severely under-resourced: the facilities were run down, there were insufficient classrooms, so the students had to be taught in morning and afternoon shifts. Some classes were held in tents; the text books were outdated and the teachers needed training. Cherie witnessed all this when she visited the school in 2006.

Since then, in association the the charity, 'Smiling Children', which develops and supports schools for girls in many parts of the world, work has started on both the infrastructure and the much needed new classroom resources.

The refurbishment project is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Infrastructure rebuilding: this phase involves the construction of additional classrooms and other facilities, such as toilets and washrooms.

Phase 2: A teacher training programme and other projects to be developed in partnership with the Afghan Ministry of Education.

The work continues and meanwhile the girls are thriving and very much enjoying their time in school. From the Smiling Children Website

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