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World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report

World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report

Gender Gap Report 2007

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a research foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland which holds an Annual Meeting in Davos each January, bringing together international political and business leaders, academics and journalists to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world most especially to do with health and the environment. Throughout the rest of the year the WEF undertakes research and initiates dialogue on a range of issues affecting our global economy.

The Gender Gap Report published by the WEF examines four critical areas of inequality between men and women:

1. Economic participation and opportunity - outcomes on salaries, participation levels
and access to high-skilled employment
2. Educational attainment - outcomes on access to basic and higher level education
3. Political empowerment - outcomes on representation in decision-making structures
4. Health and survival - outcomes on life expectancy and sex ratio

The Gender Gap Index assesses countries on how well they are dividing their resources and opportunities among their male and female populations, regardless of the overall levels of these resources and opportunities. By providing a comprehensible framework for assessing and comparing global gender gaps and by revealing those countries that are role models in dividing these resources equitably between women and men, serves as a catalyst for greater awareness as well as greater exchange between policymakers. From 'The World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report'

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