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Stop the Trafficking

Stop the Trafficking

Steve Chalke, Chair of Stop the Traffik, addressing the UN

"STOP THE TRAFFIK is an international coalition of organisations working together to fight the crime of people trafficking. It is comprised of over 1000 member organisations in 52 countries including NGOs, corporations, schools, colleges, faith groups and various other community groups.

Human trafficking is one of the biggest challenges to human rights in the twenty-first century. Many estimates put the extent of this crime at in excess of two million people sold into modern day slavery every year. The vast majority of these victims are women and children, with nearly 80% being sold into sexual exploitation. This represents an attitude in societies around the world which tolerates the turning of women into commodities. It is a problem which requires urgent action from governments, police authorities and other front line professionals. It also requires the mobilisation of thousands of ordinary women, children and men to raise awareness, to reduce demand for the goods and services produced by slavery and to put pressure on leaders to make a difference.

STOP THE TRAFFIK has more than one thousand member organisations in fifty countries, but more importantly has a grass roots following of ordinary activists around the world. In February of this year STOP THE TRAFFIK delivered more than 1.5 million signatures from every continent to the United Nations, calling for more to be done to prevent the sale of people, protect the victims and prosecute the traffickers, and launched a Global Fund to fight human trafficking. This unique global fund will finance projects on the ground on a regional basis, helping NGOs to network together to make the biggest impact possible across the whole of a trafficking route. It is a fund for major donors, but also for ordinary people to be able to raise money and know that it is being used to the maximum effect." From the Stop the Traffik website

Cherie will deliver the STOP THE TRAFFIK International Lecture later this year.