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Because I am a Girl : Plan International's Campaign

Because I am a Girl : Plan International's Campaign

Signing up to support the campaign

Because I am a Girl : Plan International's Campaign

Basic facilities for girls. Photo:3quirksdaily.

Because I am a Girl : Plan International's Campaign

Taking part in the Marie Claire discussion event

Plan International's 'Because I am a Girl' campaign is tackling the huge issues that girls living in poverty around the world face.

"There is plenty of evidence that girls face greater disadvantage and discrimination in many parts of the world. For example, it's estimated that, globally, 7.4 million more girls than boys don't get a primary school education, and 70% of those in absolute poverty are female. So it's good news that Plan has launched its Because I am a Girl campaign to draw attention to these abuses and what can be done to overcome them." Cherie Blair

'Governments are failing girls on a massive scale. Across the world, girls face the double discrimination of their gender and age, leaving them suffering at the bottom of the social ladder. They are denied access to basic health services, education, and face extremely high levels of violence, abuse, and harassment.

Research proves that the education and empowerment of women is an extremely effective development tool. However, gender inequality still exists all over the world. Though girls are guaranteed their rights through the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, they often lack the ability to secure these rights, or even an awareness that they exist.
Without intervention, these girls will remain invisible, stuck in terrible circumstances, unable to speak out or seek help'. From the Plan UK website

Marie Claire has helped to raise awareness of the issue by featuring the Plan UK campaign in the magazine and by hosting an event last year in which Cherie Blair joined June Sarpong, Plan UK chief executive officer Marie Staunton and Marie Claire editor Marie O'Riordan on the panel for a discussion which addressed the challenges facing young girls today around the globe. Guests also had the opportunity to sign the 'Because I am a Girl' pledge.

Marie O'Riordan said: "Each time we think the fight for gender equality is closer to being won, something like the 'Because I am a Girl' report lands on your desk and pulls you up short. The most shocking stories for me are not the ones of girls in the developing world because we cover these all the time in Marie Claire, but those relating to girls on our doorstep. This is not something that should be covered by women's pages and magazines - this is a mainstream issue that requires national press headlines."

To find out more and sign the pledge visit Plan UK's Because I am a Girl microsite.

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