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Cherie Blair

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Bloomberg TV's Betty Liu interviews Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani, and Cherie Blair at CGI 2013

Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani, chairman of Ooredoo, the Qatar-based telecommunications company, and Cherie Blair, Cherie Blair Foundation fo...more

Cherie honored at Western University Convocation

Earlier this month, AUW Chancellor Cherie Blair spoke to the graduates at the University of Western Ontario's 301st Convocation. Cherie...more

"Let's Raise Our Voices"

Video originally posted on ICRWmore

Helping women helps the community: Blair

Cherie Blair, the wife of former UK prime minister Tony Blair, says her foundation helps over 500 women in developing countries connect...more

CNBC Meets: Cherie Blair, Part Two

Cherie talks about juggling her career with the demands of 10 Downing Street in part two of this CNBC Meets episode, as well as her pas...more

CNBC Meets: Cherie Blair, Part One

Cherie talks to Tania Bryer about her working class upbringing in Liverpool and the impact of being brought up by her mother and grandm...more