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Cherie Blair

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Over the years, Cherie has been involved with many charities. Here are some links to the work she’s been supporting. To read more visit About Cherie.

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The Grandmother Project

It's grandmothers who play a central role in the family, who help bring up children, who counsel girls and young women and who influence major decisions.

The Grandmother Project (GMP) is an international development organisation that aims to improve the wellbeing and health of women and children. GMP was officially registered in the US in 2005 as a non-profit, 501c3 public charity and in Senegal in 2011 as an international non-profit organisation.

GMP uses existing cultural and community values, roles and assets and develops community approaches that promote positive and continuous improvements in the lives of women, children, girls and families.

They develop approaches and tools for capacity building at a community level and work with local leaders and groups. By supporting the development of programmes and policies that promote the inclusion of grandmothers and elders in general, they also develop methods and tools for capacity building at an organisational level.

GMP works in partnership with other groups and organisations that have on-going community platforms. They believe that involving elders, strengthening intergenerational relationships and increasing the capacity of members of the community to use consensus building approaches within families and communities will both increase social cohesion and improve results of community programmes for girls, children and women.

They build on cultural values and assets and on the knowledge and experience of grandmothers and elders whilst strengthening communication between the generations and using communication methods based on dialogue to build consensus for change.