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Cherie Blair

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Over the years, Cherie has been involved with many charities. Here are some links to the work she’s been supporting. To read more visit About Cherie.

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Stop the Traffik: A chocolatey message this Easter

Easter is linked to new beginnings, new seasons, hope and for some, chocolate! Whatever it means to you, we can bring hope for change if we remember to choose certified chocolate Easter eggs.

Look for the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certified logos: they are certification marks and their stamp on a chocolate product means the cocoa has not been harvested by trafficked children.


1 Choose Certified Chocolate

Don't accept ingredients like violence and exploitation in your Easter eggs. Choose chocolate made with certified cocoa beans to help put an end to child trafficking in the cocoa industry.

2 Campaign for Change

Chocolate made without child trafficking should be the norm not the exception. We need to tell chocolate companies that we want them to take action. We want to be able to buy chocolate knowing that it is free from trafficked child labour.


1 Buy Right

This Easter buy chocolate eggs that have one of the certification logos on the packet. Use our guide to certified eggs available in the UK.

2 Tell your local shop

If you want to choose certified chocolate it helps if you can buy it locally. Contact your local shop or supermarket and ask them to stock certified chocolate Easter eggs.

3 Campaign for Traffik-Free Toblerone

We've been targeting Mondeléz, who make Toblerone, and asking them to take action to give us chocolate free from child trafficking. Find out more about the campaign and what you can do here.

I want a Traffik-free Toblerone

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