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Over the years, Cherie has been involved with many charities. Here are some links to the work she’s been supporting. To read more visit About Cherie.

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Letter from the AUW Chairman

Dear Supporter,

This year, I have taken up the Chairmanship of AUW's Support Foundation following the retirement of Jack Meyer. Jack served AUW with incredible devotion for seven years, and I am grateful that we will continue to benefit from his support and counsel in his new role as Chairman Emeritus.

As Chairman, my principal role is to marshal resources to support this great initiative. It is in that capacity that I write to you today. This year has been a busy and productive one at the Asian University for Women. We have just welcomed an incoming class of 110 new students, putting our total student body at nearly 550 for the 2012-13 academic year--up from 129 when we first opened the University in 2008. These extraordinary young women come from 12 countries across Asia and the Middle East, many from communities where they would not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

I am proud to report that we will graduate our first class of 122 students in May 2013--a remarkable milestone that would not be possible without your continued support.We expect that every member of the class of 2013 will have secured a job, launched her own enterprise, or be on the path to graduate studies by the end of May. It is with great pride and hope that we look forward to the achievements of our first class of graduates.

AUW has, for several years, been able to effectively recruit students from some of the more difficult to reach regions on Earth. In the three years since we began recruiting students from Afghanistan, we have seen their enrolment rise to 40 Afghan women in total. We also continue to attract a strong contingent each year from the remote Gilgit and Hunza Valley regions of Pakistan. This year, following the success of similar efforts in Bangladesh, we plan to partner with a major vernacular media outlet in Pakistan to launch a nationwide "First in the Family to Enter University" scholarship campaign, reflecting our commitment to expanding access to higher education.

AUW is also in the process of expanding recruitment efforts to include countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Yemen, Iraq, and Egypt. The prospect of living and studying with women from different cultures and backgrounds is often cited by our students as a major factor in their decisions to attend AUW. We know that this makes AUW's education that much more vibrant and reflective of the challenges we face as a global community. We hope that through our expanded recruitment efforts, our future classes will bring to the University an even broader array of backgrounds and life experiences than we already enjoy.

The quality of the education offered at AUW has won high accolades from many places. This year, four AUW students won highly coveted scholarships to complete their undergraduate studies at Stanford University. Two others are studying for a year at one of France's foremost grandécoles, to name just a few.

Please click here to support AUW: A gift of any amount will help to support scholarships for our students.

AUW 's work has been possible because of the support we get from individuals like you. We hope that you will continue to join us in our efforts to change women's lives.
Thank you for your continued support for the Asian University for Women.

Young Joon Kim
Chairman of the Board of Directors
AUW Support Foundation

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