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Over the years, Cherie has been involved with many charities. Here are some links to the work she’s been supporting. To read more visit About Cherie.

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AUW's Internship Program Expands in 2012

This summer marks the third year of AUW's internship program. Through summer internship placements, students gain professional experience to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and practical understanding. AUW encourages students to gain experience working with a combination of for-profit companies, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Such a cycle of internships will expose students to the work of various sectors, allowing them to make informed choices about their own career paths. This year, a total of 135 students found placements at 52 banks, corporations, NGOs, hospitals, government agencies, and research institutions. This level of participation represents a 31% increase from last summer's 103 students holding internships, indicating the growing popularity of the internship program.

Many students interned with organizations and companies in Bangladesh, including Democracy International's Democratic Participation and Reform project, sponsored by USAID. Two students also interned at the Daily Star, Bangladesh's top English-language newspaper. Zyma Islam and Giang Tran worked as Training Reporters, writing articles and traveling to report on stories throughout Dhaka. Giang wrote of the experience: "We go to many places, interview people and write stories. Some of our works were published [i]n the daily newspapers. We are very thankful and appreciate to have this opportunity to work here."

Jyothi Nair and Sharon Panackal, both from India, traveled to Seattle, Washington in the United States, to work at Starbucks corporate headquarters. Jyothi and Sharon were the company's first international student interns, and their main project was to assist the company with its launch into India. They were able to advise Starbucks on this expansion based on their knowledge of their home country, and to facilitate a cultural exchange in the process; their final presentation to the Starbucks partners included a tasting of traditional Indian tea, to expose them to the flavors that Indians are accustomed to.
Sharon, a rising fourth-year undergraduate student, said of her internship: "I love the experience I am having here. I am learning a lot about Starbucks, corporate cultures, and about myself." She recalled feeling "so proud of being a part of AUW," and remarked that "Th[e]se are the times when we start believing in ourselves and in what we can do for the world."

Those students not pursuing internships attended summer programs at universities and preparatory schools abroad, took courses at AUW's campus during its inaugural summer term, or conducted independent research projects under faculty supervision. AUW is pleased to be expanding its programs to encourage student enrichment and development beyond the activities of the classroom.

Article on AUW website