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Summer Study Begins at AUW

Starting on May 20th, AUW students have had the chance to take part in the University's first summer term. While some have elected to pursue internships both at home and abroad, 187 students stayed at AUW to attend courses on subjects ranging from Calculus to Academic Argumentation. This initial summer course offering reflects AUW's efforts to grow in order to better serve its remarkably motivated, talented students. The summer term provides an opportunity for third-year undergraduate students to complete their core and required courses before beginning their final year--this last year can then be spent broadening one's academic horizons or delving deeper into topics of great interest. Students expressed excitement about this extra opportunity to study. Habiba Memi, a second-year undergraduate from Bangladesh, said that AUW's summer offering boasted "a very effective class schedule" and was "more exciting because we can finish [a] 4 credit course in two months." Introducing a summer term also allows first- and second-year students to take introductory-level courses in order to satisfy prerequisites and prepare for higher-level courses during the school year. In fact, some direct entry students and extraordinarily promising Access Academy students were given a chance to begin undergraduate courses over the summer. At the same time, students struggling with a required course now have the chance to retake it over the summer if they do not pass it during the regular semester.

For this first summer term, 55% of courses were taught by AUW faculty, including Meherun Ahmed, Soma Chowdhury Biswas, Noman Uddin, Ashok Kumar Keshari, and Moinul Islam. For the remaining courses, AUW received a significant number of applications from faculty teaching at reputable universities throughout the world. Nine visiting professors joined the summer faculty. International visiting professors included: Dolores Brynes, professor of Anthropology at Colgate University and Cornell Unviersity; Michele Mekel, professor at the Southern Illinois University School of Law; Jason Homer, Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, San Diego; Abu Shaheb, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maryland; and Soma Chowdhury, professor of Statistics. Additionally, AUW had two volunteer faculty members from the University of Trento in Italy: Professors Claudio Guinta and Paolo Villa taught European Literature and Economics, respectively. AUW is grateful to the Caritro Foundation and its president, Mr. Mariano Marroni, whose support enabled Professors Guinta and Villa to participate in our summer term. Another volunteer faculty member, Yanum Venkatrathanam, joined us from Singapore and taught Financial Management. Finally, Anjan Debnath, a graduate of Bangladesh University, taught two Physics courses.

In addition to the summer courses offered at AUW's campus, nearly 200 students held internships or engaged in research projects under faculty supervision. This summer's research projects included research on networking and cloud computing, cross-layer architecture, Mobile Health, organ transplantation and organ trafficking, and UN peacekeeping missions. Students held internships at companies including Starbucks, Agility Logistics, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Films, and Amansara Resorts. These hands-on experiences serve as complements to the academic and extracurricular activities available to students at AUW. About her internship with Caritas Bangladesh, a non-governmental organization providing services to vulnerable populations, Most Shirina Begum said, "I am so excited that I am doing something new and helping them as well." Ms. Begum is a third-year undergraduate and is interning part-time while taking two summer courses.

The University considers this first summer term to be a great success, and has decided to make it a regular part of the academic exercises at AUW.

Summer Study Begins at AUW on AUW website