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Cherie Blair

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Over the years, Cherie has been involved with many charities. Here are some links to the work she’s been supporting. To read more visit About Cherie.

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Care or Control - Refuge's New Campaign

The UK based domestic violence charity Refuge have launched their latest campaign, Care or Control, to highlight the early warning signs of an abusive man. Twelve women die every week due to an abusive partner. Two are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales and ten commit suicide. 90 per cent of all domestic violence incidents are witnessed by a child. Refuge provides women and children who are suffering from domestic violence with help, advice, support and a safe house if need be. They offer a range of services which increase women's choices and give them access to professional support whatever their situation. The Care or Control campaign encourages women to spot the early warning signs an abusive man will show and to ask themselves if their partner is caring or controlling.
'Your partner meets you every night after work without fail. He picks you up from friends' houses, girls' nights out, trips to the gym, even if it means not going out himself. He always has to know who you're speaking to, texting, emailing or even thinking about. He says he thinks about you constantly, that he has to know what you're doing - all of the time.'
'Your partner is charming, considerate and attentive to your every need. He's your ideal man - your life partner. You think he's wonderful and your friends think he's the perfect gentleman. He's the life and soul of the party but then out of the blue he switches from charm to rage.'
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